Spot On

Spot On

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Dialogue in a dynamic competition


Spot On is a fun and dynamic competition! It provides an ideal opportunity to tune in to each other, the surroundings and the company. You will go through several assignments, and you can participate in customising them. We help you reflect on your ordinary workday in a different and active way while you also learn more about each other. Your mind and body will get plenty of fresh air, which brings your team a lot of positive energy. At the same time, you will create a fruitful focus that carries a deeper meaning in your everyday teamwork.


Imagine the surroundings as a board game that combines orienteering and task-solving. This engages both intellect and body - simple and effective! You will work together in small teams and navigate by using a tablet. The relevant information and tasks will automatically appear on the screen once you pass the checkpoints. It is a setting full of atmosphere, happiness and spontaneity!


The success depends on a good dialogue and a clear strategy. Your logic, creativity, general knowledge, fantasy and visual interpretation are challenged at every checkpoint. Together you must make quick decisions in order to earn important points. The clock is ticking, and the excitement increases… Who knows what? Who is inventive? And which one of you stays sharp? Your answers, and your work method, will not only bring you closer to your goal but also closer to each other.
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