GPS Adventure

GPS Adventure

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A realistic team experience

Build on teamwork

GPS Adventure presents practical challenges with clear parallels to everyday teamwork situations. Watch your team dynamic unfold in a motivational setting and let gamification show just how valuable communication and the knowledge sharing are when you operate across geographies, individual skills, and behaviours. It is a noticeable energy and a productive experience, which you can further build upon.

Pieces in a bigger picture

Imagine a realistic framework wherein the competition between small teams creates an intense atmosphere. One half of each team moves around outside using a mobile phone and a GPS device while the other half follow and guide them through the process on a big screen at an indoor base. Everyone acts as small game pieces in a bigger picture orchestrated by the team as a whole.

Share knowledge to crack the codes

Phone contact and GPS tracking are the only lifelines between the two units. The team needs to work together to find the checkpoints in the area while solving a range of tasks along the way. It is an intense race against time - and the other teams - and the only way to crack the codes is to share knowledge and gather all the information available outdoor and indoor.

Improve the outcome of the experience

We offer a range of opportunities that add an extra dimension to the game. Let an instructor surprise you with an energising exercise on your way or use targeted tasks to throw new light on specific topics regarding your company. Experience how actions do speak louder than words!
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