Brain Game

Brain Game

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Succeed in an intense competition


Brain Game is team dynamic, adrenaline and energy! It creates an immediate atmosphere and a new, valuable perspective on your teamwork. The scope of the tasks awakens your individual qualities whereupon you will discover how all of you play a vital part in your team’s success.


Imagine an intense race where your body’s adrenaline increases all your senses and where the close teamwork motivates everyone. The goal is to act as one, but at the same time think outside the box in order to score as many points as possible within a specific time frame. The air is filled with energy and enthusiasm, creating an atmosphere buzzing with life. You will immediately feel how each and every one of you influence one another with high spirits and commitment.


The tasks include The Nine Intelligences and thus bring out your individual qualities. Are you logical, visual, naturalistic, linguistic, philosophical, musical, bodily, inter- or intrapersonal? With technology as your gathering point, Brain Game challenges and supports personal drive, intelligence and united teamwork with the individual working methods.
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