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Think outside the box


Jailbreak is outdoor teambuilding and storytelling in a unique setting! It is an energising joint experience and an interesting insight into an isolated world where solidarity and teamwork are existential. Your teamwork and creativity are brought into play on premises far away from your typical workday. This will expand both your thoughts and knowledge of the real life behind bars.


You work together in smaller teams that represent the many small communities typically found in a prison. Within the prison yard and on both sides of the walls, you face challenges which relate to the odd everyday with handcuffs, smuggled goods, navigations in the dark and escape plans.

Resources are limited, and together you must exploit the available ones in the best possible way. Our focus is on providing you with a great time to feel energy and solidarity which emerge in this authentic setting!


The different challenges are both physical and logical. They demand teamwork, ingenuity and calculated action. You must think outside the box and note the clues of the historical surroundings in order to come up with the best solutions. You will immediately feel how the close teamwork improves both your and your team’s energy in a noticeable manner.

A real adrenaline rush

Can you keep your cool and would you like a real adrenalin rush? Give yourselves the opportunity to be free and rappel down the 18-metre-tall prison tower! Make room in your programme for this exiting experience.
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