CoastZone Challenge
CoastZone Challenge is classic teambuilding in open air. It gives you the energy to be proactive and work together in order to succeed.
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Brain Game
Brain Game is team dynamic, adrenaline and energy! It creates an immediate atmosphere and a new, valuable perspective on your teamwork. The scope of the tasks awakens your individual qualities whereupon you will discover how all of you play a vital part in your team’s success.
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GPS Adventure
GPS Adventure presents practical challenges with clear parallels to everyday teamwork situations. Watch your team dynamic unfold in a motivational setting and let gamification show just how valuable communication and the knowledge sharing are when you operate across geographies, individual skills.
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Spot On
Spot On is a fun and dynamic competition! It provides an ideal opportunity to tune in to each other, the surroundings and the company. You will go through several assignments, and you can participate in customising them. We help you reflect on your ordinary workday in a different and active way while you also learn more about each other.
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At sea aboard FREM
Come on board on a journey that awakens all your senses! Share the time, the tranquility, and the unique atmosphere on the old, beautiful sailing ship FREM. Feel the presence of history both on and under the deck. Enjoy the nature up-close; the fresh sea air and the beautiful view!
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Le Mans
Get up-close with the special teamwork that each year creates victors in the legendary Le Mans race. It is a unique team experience for everyone - not just the car race fans. You will all be part of an exceptional atmosphere and feel how each of you plays a crucial role in the team’s success!
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To start well is vital when striving for new and ambitious goals. Maybe you are about to implement new strategies, systems, procedures or products? Or perhaps you are simply facing a change that affects several of you, if not everyone? A kickoff will always be a customised solution.
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CoastZone Games
Ever since 1896, Citius - Altius - Fortius is throughout the world synonymous with joy, dedication, strength and pride among athletes and fans. By showing respect to tradition and each other, all nations strive to become faster and stronger.
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