CoastZone Academy

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CoastZone Academy

The team building and team training industry in China has grown vastly over the past years and the belief that an investment in people equals an investment in growth slowly finds reasoning.

1 Reason Why You Should Join – Passion for People!
Do you have a true passion for people? And are you ready to help teams explore their true potential through motivating and engaging, involving, inspiring and challenging the individuals within?

Is your answer yes? Then join us at CoastZone Academy and engage in a journey into self.

[China is ready!]: Team Development Training

CoastZone on the Chinese market

With our methods (a golden combination of theoretical and practical learning) focusing on learning by doing we bring team training to a new level and meet the requirements of industry 4.0 – how humans differentiate from machines and why it makes us unique.

20 years of experience within Team Development Training

Best Team Training Supplier of the year 2016, 2017, 2018

2nd best at implementing DISC as an applicable tool in corporate organizations

China’s Training Market

3rd largest training market in the world

+ RMB380 billion in accumulated investment in the enterprise training
market anno 2016

Equivalent to 0.531% of total GDP same year

Why should I join?

Change is Inevitable – so Why not Change for the Better?
Joining the CoastZone Academy means signing up for a fun and educative journey of insights, learning and opportunities. You will engage with other talented individuals who all share a desire for personal development and growth, and believe that developing and cultivating the skills that you are passionate about will generate impact far beyond profits.

Get a valuable insight into yourself; Passion, Potential and Personal Positioning

Soft Skills – Growing your Interpersonal People Skills

How to make a Difference – For Yourself and Everybody around You

We are looking for courageous and vigorous young talents who are looking to challenge potential and make a difference – within themselves and within clients!


CoastZone Academy Part 1 is a 2-day course

Overall course topics

CoastZone - Storytelling and story

The Red Spirit; Ethics and Moral

A CZ'er – A Leader

High Performance Team – What, Who, How, and Why

Experimental Learning – Facilitation Methods

You as a Role Model

Representing CoastZone

Feedback Culture

Reflection and Q&A

Day 1: I Experience
Day 2: You Experience Me

We have a great variety of cooperation partners within the hotel and venue industry and prioritise to do parts of the Academy Training outside Shanghai city center as it gives us an opportunity to engage with nature enabling us to establish even and common ground.
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