High Performance Team Training

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High Performance Team Training

What is a High Performance Team?
A High Performance Team is represented by a group of people who through training over time have developed into becoming a team by understanding how to create and utilize the synergies within. A team that achieves its goals, creates success and understands how to maintain it in an unpredictable and continuously changing business world. A team that shares a common language, shares common goals, and knows each other’s strong and weak points. A team delivering an output significantly stronger than the sum of the individual input from the individuals representing the team, and in that way 1 + 1 = 3.

[Your Competitive Advantage]: Find the strength in your team
When developing as a team it all starts with an identification of your current positioning and your desired position. To become a High Performance Team it calls for an understanding of existing current and expected resources. All teams are represented by a number of individuals all with different backgrounds and life experiences, and hence, no team training setup is the same.

Through thoroughly identifying your situation, locating your desired outcome, and clearly aligning expectations we design a course that specifically matches your team, situation, and goal. We create a path for hidden potential to unfold and support the process of developing a strong fundament for generating results.

Why High Performance Team Training?

Course content and Common Objectives
In a High Performance Team you focus on mutual respect and know how differences are essential to build a strong team. You communicate in an open and honest way and develop a positive line of thoughts. Your common objective and the individual roles are clear to everyone and generate a sense of belongingness and efficiency.

Through this course we focus on optimizing and fully exploit your team potential. Depending on your focus for the day, quarter or year, we facilitate an intense and giving team development course based on theoretical knowledge founded in practical learning and challenges. The efficiency is increased and the cooperation and willingness to change within the team is strengthened.

The initial approach to the process is the theoretical perspective within High Performance Teams. A High Performance Team is aware of its potential and knows how to utilize strengths and improve weaknesses. Along the course, your group will face challenges that support the common objective and help you implement the theory.

Our well-educated instructors have a professional and personal approach to activities and participants. Both theory and practice are thoroughly tested. The participants will understand the significance of their individual role in comparison to their team member’s roles. You will experience a new common platform and bring team development tools to your everyday work.

Everything DiSC
Based on your desired outcome, we also base many courses through DiSC profiling forms, which generates a deeper understanding of the group’s skills and profiles. This knowledge opens up new possibilities and gives a new perspective on teamwork from a personal level.

09.00-09.30  Arrival, welcome and ice-breaker - Program, expectations, and goals
09.30-11.30  Presentation of HPT (and DiSC) + Practical learning
11.30-12.00  Lunch
12.00-14.00  Part 1 - Team practice, Experimental learning
14.00-14.30  Break and Status sum up
14.30-16.00  Part 2 - Team practice, Establishment of common communication platform
16.00-16.30  Sum up and Reflection
16.30-17.00  Evaluation of the day

Values and Philosophy

We know that our performance as a team is significantly stronger than our performance as individuals. We bring you closer to the ideas of a High Performance Team with this tangible approach. This is about seeing the strength of differences and the value of teamwork. About trust and respect. About common goals and responsibilities. About the distribution of roles and the rules of the game. About personal DAC factor and ownership.

Our Philosophy
Our aspirations as humans and teams have over the years been the basis of our philosophy. We believe in the strength of differences and the value of teamwork because even though several viewpoints around the table can be challenging, our performance as a team is significantly stronger than as an individual. Our approach to learning is practical - because we all have gaps between thought and action. The key to durable change is the ability to narrow these gaps. We turn all of this into something that is simple, operational and achievable.

Always a Customized Course
Establishing common ground, common language and common goals are fundamental for a good start and vital when aiming to reach great heights. Maybe you are about to implement new strategies, systems, procedures or products? Or perhaps you are facing a change that might be affecting more or all of these? Our workshops will always be a customised course specifically tailor-made according to your desired outcome.

We exert ourselves in asking the crucial questions; why and who decide what and how:

Why? A clear goal results in the greatest outcome of your investment
Who? It must make sense to you as individuals, as teams and as a company
What? Everyone should feel safe and find motivation during the course
How? A productive balance between words and actions
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